Muteesa I Royal University Holds 10th Graduation in Masaka

According to Mayiga, Kabaka Mutesa's vision was to see a positive transformation for his people for a better livelihood.

Muteesa I Royal University Chancellor , Lady Justice Julia Ssebutinde

By Amuge Rose

The Chancellor of Muteesa I Royal University has appealed to the government of Uganda to make the Internet accessible and affordable.

Chancellor Ssebutinde says the internet must be made accessible to all students in Uganda since E-learning is now the way to go as a result of the post-COVID-19 era that changed the traditional way of learning.

 Justice Julia Ssebutinde was speaking during the 10th graduation ceremony at Kirumba in Masaka main University and celebrations to mark 15 years of existence as a University in Uganda. 

She hailed the Kabaka of Buganda HRH Ronald Muwenda Mutebi for his endless support to the University since its inception.

Ssebutinde noted that Kabaka Mutebi has been vital in the process of ensuring that the University acquires a charter and continues to grow as a University, particularly in the area of agriculture.

Justice Ssebutinde appealed to the University Council and management to pursue the charter as a matter of top priority and thanked one Hajati Namuddu Bitamisi who donated a Mosque, the only worshiping place in the University for her Generosity.

This was one of the conditions that the National Council For Higher Education had used to measure if the university was on the standards stipulated.

Some of the students who graduated at Muteesa I Royal University Kirumba Masaka

She called upon the graduates to be confident, and tenacious and protect their name if they are to make it in this competitive world.

While officiating at the same function, the Kaikiro of Buganda Charles Peter Mayiga said that it is befitting to commemorate the late Kabaka Mutesa 1 for his contribution to the call for his visionary call for Education in Buganda and Uganda as a country.

 According to Mayiga, Kabaka Mutesa’s vision was to see a positive transformation for his people for a better livelihood.

“If you are to transform the people of Buganda and Uganda in a better way, you must concentrate on effective education as provided by the university”

Katikiro Charles Peter Mayiga addressing graduates at Muteesa I Royal University Kirumba Masaka

Katikiro further noted that if Buganda and Uganda as a whole is to transform their livelihood, children must make the right choices with regard to areas of specialization with their career choices connecting with prevailing circumstances.

“They need to connect with what is needed in society in the region and in the world which will help them in the areas of their specialization “.

Adding that it is common to find many grandaunts who took courses because it was what was offered or what their friends had decided to study”.

Katikiro further cautioned the graduates against HIV/ AIDS and urged them to stay safe and be aware of its prevalence.


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