Nabakooba urges public to adhere to COVID-19 SOPs as new infections increase

“If you adhere to SOPs we can avoid another lockdown, ICT minister Nabakooba appeals to public to adhere to COVID-19 SOPs as infections increase”

ICT Minister Hon.Judith Nabakooba Addressing the Media in Kampala.File/Photo

By Nasser Kasozi Akandwanaho

The Minister for Information Communication Technology and National Guidance Judith Nabaakoba has warned that the non-compliance of the COVID-19 Standard Operating Procedures [SOPs] by errant Ugandans will lead to another lockdown.

Judith Nabaakoba was addressing the media on Sunday, August 23, and said the public is to blame for the current situation as they have failed to take serious the guidance from health experts given the fact messages warning Ugandans about the scourge are in the media and communication domains, she warns.

“The government is not interested in taking the country into another lockdown because people’s livelihoods is a matter of concern given the adversely effects of COVID-19 Pandemic. However under the current circumstances, it is obvious that people will only comply after another lockdown has been put in place,” Nabakooba said.

According to Judith Nabakooba Kampala Metropolitan Area has now turned out to be the biggest source of COVID-19 infections and deaths adding that 90% of all these new infections are from people using taxis and buses as according to recent health findings and testing by ministry of health.

Minister Nabakooba said, the public must understand that almost 90% of all these new infections in Kampala are from people using taxis and buses. This should not come as a surprise because all public transporters in the taxi parks and bus terminals failed to administer the guidelines that were given when the lockdown was lifted.

Nabakooba called upon all leaders regardless of their political or religious inclination to own up and speak the same language when it comes to preventing COVID-19.

Nabakooba however noted that it is unfortunate that some leaders are continuing to use their spaces to confuse the public with statements that question the existence of COVID-19.

“It is such reckless comments and behavior that have gotten us to where we are today.
Every life lost to COVID-19 is very unfortunate because all the guidance on how to stay safe is with us,” Nabakooba said.

ICT Minister Nabakooba further revealed that so far, more than 13 million masks have been given out however government is getting feedback that some of the masks being produced by some of the companies contracted are of poor quality and do not meet the standards issued by Ministry of Health.

“This is a big disappointment on the side of the suppliers entrusted with the responsibility of producing quality face masks meant to save lives of Ugandans.
Government is going to follow up with the respective suppliers and those found guilty of producing substandard masks are at risk of having their contracts cancelled,” Nabakooba noted with concern.


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