National Youth Council ask Gov’t to restructure Education System

Dr. Lilian Aber, The Chairperson National Youth Council file photo

By Joan Tendo.

Lilian Aber, the Chairperson National Youth Council (NYC) has called upon the government to invest efforts to number of projects that will equip young people with skills of survival in order to minimize on the rate of unemployment and helping those who have not managed to get formal education.

“We have those that have gained formal education and those who have not and to those who who have gone to school dealing with their mind-set is very important due to the system. We have now that makes them to think white collar jobs is everything therefore the solution is to have an amalgamated system of education where we have a formal education but have added skills taught to these young as one is still looking for an opportunity to get employed,” she said

With a median age of 16 years and below, Aber says that Uganda is the world’s second youngest country, with the most youthful populations, staggering 78% of the country’s population.

“The population constitutes a tremendous and essential asset worth investing in opening the door to unparalleled multiplier effect and what is needed most is make sure young people are on top of things in Uganda and the World,” she added.

Unemployment is a serious problem in Uganda where the share of the population of the young people between ages 15-24 is rapidly growing but not in tandem with the job market and this is of a result of insufficient employable skills because of the education structure.


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