Ashraf Simwogerere writes to Bobi Wine

Hon Kyagulanyi Ssentamu Robert a.k.a Bobi Wine. #PeoplePowerOurPower.


Dear my son Hon.Kyagulanyi Ssentamu [Bobi Wine],

Hope this letter finds you good. I’m happy that you immediately started the scientific election campaigns when it was announced.

At least you understand Mr. Museven the “Jjaja muyekera”.

You complain with him while the little he has given is at hand. “NYAMA NTONO OKAYANA ETTU LIRI MU NKWAWA”.

For sure I had written you off when the electoral commission announced the scientific campaigns and elections. But our grandparents said it that; “EYAKUSINZE AKKUBISA GWOLINAGWO” (the best fighter may hit you with your own stick). I believe Jjaja Kaguta CAN’T beat you at scientific campaigns.

I commend your team behind the social media campaign for their effort. They’ve DONE a commendable job so far.

Having said that my optimism to see you swearing as the next president is a bit threatened. This is as a result of your announcement for aspiring People Power (PP) politicians to get nomination forms.

There some names I never expected to run for those forms. These are people I expected to concentrate on the program of how to win the presidential race. It is a big job that doesn’t require any disturbances of similar caliber.

I’m wondering where they will be on the day of tallying; at Namboole or at their respective constituencies?

Your answer is as good as mine. But they are very much needed at Namboole where the Bull shall be slaughtered.

For example; people like Joel Ssenyonyi, Shamim Malende, and Nyanzi, to mention a few, are members of the core group (call it high command), who need to put all their efforts and resources to the presidential race.

There should be nothing of similar character to divert their mind set. But now some of them want to join the parliamentary race!!!.

This is like in a home where the head of the family promises to slaughter a fat bull on a fist day. This bull would be more than enough for the family including neighbors. But on the evening before the first day, one of the sons surprises the family when he slaughters his small “Nyana” for the same fist.

I look at this son as somebody who doubts his father’s promise. Otherwise why should he slaughter his “Nyana”.

Back to the gist of the matter. I’ve been looking at Ssenyonyi as the next prime minister or Secretary of state (read foreign minister) in Kyagulanyi’s government. I hopped to see the youngest deputy attorney general in Shamim Malende.

These positions would come their way even when they DON’T run for parliamentary seats because they are very close comrades in the struggle.

Their running for parliamentary seats shows OMULUGUBE/ MULULU (greed) of the highest ORDER.

I last saw this in the first lady when she stood as Member of Parliament to become a minister of Karamojja later. Today she is not an MP but still a strong minister.

When many PP supporters rushed to pick forms, they may excuse me but it appears that some of them take you to be an excellent king maker but not a King to be yourself.

I’m afraid to say but many supporters just need your signature to advance their ambitions, but not for real change. They are not confident of you to be the next president. And I believe they will serve even when the elections are stolen.

Secondly I’m wondering, who is going to vet who. I’m predicting an exodus of the disgruntled. Thou it will help to see the real supporters, but PP will not be the same. It happened with FDC when General Muntu left.

FDC was lucky that they had structures but PP is just a pressure group hold together singularly by you Bobi Wine.

You have a very big task of screening the aspirants. Of course you CAN’T go all over Uganda not even a quarter. As you know our Uganda, corruption a pandemic we’ve failed to leave without.

I can see it as one of the trap already set for PP to fall in. Kyagulanyi you are not corrupt but some members who established themselves as diehards of PP earlier are already decision maker’s bellow on counsellor’s level.

They decide “ANI BOBI GWAWANZEEKO EDUSU” whether you like it or not money is going to be exchanged! I think you understand its negativity. One of your agenda is to fight corruption.

It will appear ironical and too bad once corruption infest People power. And remember PP isn’t a registered organization. How to deal with the corrupt is a question am failing to deal with.

I believe Hon Kyagulanyi you can handle this. You always surprise me with positive actions.

Hoping to see the same this time.


Hajj Ashraf Ssimwogerere.


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