Panic at NRM Secretariat as Finance Director, Madina Naham ‘Escapes’ from Covid-19 Isolation Center & reports to work

NRM Party Director Finance & Administration Hajat. Madina Naham was among the Two officials who tested positive for Covid-19. Her and seventeen others have been put under institutional quarantine for 14 days. Unfortunately she defied the SOPs to report to work, an issue that has caused panic at the secretariat for fear of Escalating the spread of corona virus.

The NRM Party Director for Finance and Administration Hajati. Madina Naham.File/Photo

By Our Reporter

Panic and restless rocks the NRM Secretariat as the Director Finance & Administration Hajat. Madina Naham Escapes from the hospital where she has been isolated for treatment after testing Positive for COVID-19 last week and decided to report to work before the prescribed mandatory discharge by health experts upon fulfilling the strict observance of necessary health guidelines and SOPs.

It should be recalled that, Hajati.Madina Naham, the NRM Party Director Finance & Administration was among the seventeen officials at the NRM Secretariat who have been put under institutional quarantine for 14 days after she and another staff tests positive for COVID-19.

The Homeland Newspaper has learnt from inside sources at the NRM Secretariat that Hajat. Madaina Naham, the Director Finance & Administration has escaped from the health facility where she has been isolated after testing positive of Covid-19 when she defied the SOPs and decides to report to work at the secretariat a matter that has puzzled all the staff of the party that is leaving many questions not answered.

“We see her at office when she has defied SOPs yet as party in Government we should be leading by example by respecting the rules and guidelines of ministry of health than causing more harm than good” A source told the Homeland Newspaper.

The source who preferred anonymity told us that [DAF] as some times called escaped from the Covid-19 isolation center before completing the treatment and the 14 days of mandatory quarantine and decided to report to duty in order to organize the forthcoming Party delegates conference slated for 18th August 2020. Her actions of escaping and defying the SOPs have caused anxiety and panic among the staff and members at the NRM secretariat.

“The woman is sick, serious suffering from Covid-19 and she is coming back to office before prescribed mandatory days of quarantine we are likely to contact corona virus” a source said.

The concerned staff at the NRM party secretariat are asking the ministry of health and the Secretary General Kasule Lumumba to intervene and stop the escapee [Madina Naham] from accessing the Secretariat until she has been fully recovered and discharged after treatment with strict observance and adherence of SOPs as concerned.

“We do not want to work under panic fearing one of us to spread more corona virus to the entire secretariat let her rest get treatment and she will come back when fully recovered from Covid-19 disease”. A sources further said.

As a national party who must adhere to guidelines of health experts we are proving to be the ones breaking them because we want to work. “How can you work when you are suffering from a deadly contagious disease” a source who preferred anonymity said to us.

This followed an announcement by the Rt. Hon.Secretary General Kasule Lumumba who confirmed the development and said that “Two of the NRM staff had tested positive of Covid-19 and that after an urgent meeting between the Secretariat Top Management and the National Incident Management Team headed by Dr. Monica Musenero analyzed the matter and decided that the staff go to quarantine and receive treatment accordingly,” According to Rogers Mulindwa, the NRM spokesman said last week.

“After a thorough analysis of the risk and exposure of members of NRM Secretariat, the two staff have been taken under isolation and 17 others designated as high risks have been put under institutional quarantine for 14 days.

There is going to be strict observance of the SOPs to minimize exposure and risk and that the entire premises will undergo disinfection. He added.

The covid-19 cases at NRM party secretariat come a day after President Museveni’s visit to the secretariat last week where he was nominated as the party’s the national chairman and presidential flag bearer for the forthcoming 2021 elections.

While at the NRM party offices, president Museveni revealed that he called in Ministry of Health experts at state house to test for Covid-19 after developing a sore throat and hoarse voice. He, however, said that his samples tested negative thus being able to appear in public again.


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