Police Cautions the Public about their Lives

“Be mindful, you also have a duty to play, you do not have to leave everything to the security officers, and it’s your life after all,” Enang emphasized


By Ssazi Shafik

Police spokes person Fred Enang has come out and manifested his disgrace about Ugandans who have failed to mind about their lives and failed to observe the Standard Operating Procedures.

Fred Enang cautioned the public to be mindful and give priority to their lives amidst the increasing number of covid-19 cases that come up in every corner of the country.

 “Be mindful, you also have a duty to play, you do not have to leave everything to the security officers, and it’s your life after all.” Enang emphasized.

Enang to speak this followed the public’s failure to observe the Standard Operating Procedures especially among the taxi and bodaboda sector.

Occasionally, police have been arresting bodaboda cyclists for traveling past curfew hours of 6:00 pm but the cyclists have taken a tendency of moving even beyond 9:00 pm whereas others carry more than one passenger.

On the operations of Taxis, Enanga said that they established territorial commanders who are working closely with the local task bodies that came up with local enforcement teams to monitor the operations of the taxis.

Enang further says that the enforcement teams were mandated to stop taxis at different stages along various routes to find out whether the passengers have put on face masks, socially distanced and not carrying more than nine passengers.

More so, on operations that were made in Kampala Metropolitan, police has impounded 682 bodabodas for failing to observe curfew hours and taking more than one person.

Enang said that they issued EPS tickets to them so that they can curb the level of indiscipline hence reducing on the spread of covid-19.

Police is also carrying out investigations about the bodaboda rider who tried to set himself ablaze with petrol after his motor cycle was impounded at around 8:00 pm when the police in Jinja carried out its operations where 682 bodabodas were impounded.

Among which the bodabodas that were impounded was Emmanuel Kabanda’s UDU 610H that was put at Kireka police station.

Enang continued to say that all those cyclists were informed to come back the next day and were issued with the EPS tickets, a penalty that is issued to them for faulting the Ministry of Health Standard Operating Procedures.

Kabanda who returned while he had poured petrol on himself and running towards the police, was rescued by the public who poured water on him and police immediately intervened and rushed him to Kirudu hospital.

Enang said that they have set out an investigative team to find out whether their police officers were asking for a bribe or their conduct was inappropriate.


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