Police clarifies on the 3 drowned bodies on river Nile

Fred Enang said that the incident happened after strong river currents that occurred due to the impact of excess waters that were released and the boat got an engine failure that led to its capsizing.

Fred Enang while addressing Journalists at the media centre in Kampala.THE HOMELAND MEDIA GROUP/PHOTO

By Ssazi Shafik

The spokes person of the Uganda Police Fred Enang has today morning come out and clarified about the accident that happened yesterday at River Nile where Hassan Alawi the proprietor of the International University of East Africa survived.

While speaking in a press briefing at Media centre in Kampala, Enang said that the incident that happened at around 4:47pm, left two bodies of Abia Alwi  the son of Hassan Alawi and the second body that is not yet identified yet are  missing while Shakirah Kaweesi the wife died.

Fred Enang said that the incident happened after strong river currents that occurred due to the impact of excess waters that were released and the boat got an engine failure that led to its capsizing.

The family that had paid a visit to their fish farm of Lulu in Jinja had set off and on their way back, their boat capsized on the way. Enang said.

Hassan Alawi the director, Jafal Alwi one of the son and Patric Okid one of the staff were rescued and were referred to Nile International hospital in Jinja for treatment.

Fred Enang said that they are actively working as a joint marine of the police and the UPDF to carry on investigations of the two missing bodies in Nalufenya at Kira station dam in Jinja.

Fred Enang  further said that the police is also taking investigations on Kira station dam team that has  an advanced team ,  that  carry on notifications, monitoring and warning to those people surrounding the waters whenever such rivers release excessive waters so that they can avoid the direction of the winds on the dam.

Meanwhile Enang said that  the Inspector General of Police has directed all territorial commanders to create local task teams to jointly work together to combat all the insecurities and foster the health regulations as were guided by the ministry of health. He cautioned those commanders who fear to take into action the orders that are given to them and warned them that they will be punished.


Fred Enang said that more people have continued to violate the standard operating procedures especially the politicians who have continued to conduct rallies as they canvas for votes and do not observe wearing of masks, sanitizing and social distancing as was guided by the ministry of health.

Fred Enang also said that there was an executive bus that was intercepted by the police for carrying more passengers than the number that it must carry.

The bus number plate UBE 978 that was travelling from Kisolo to Kampala was carrying 34 passengers and among them three were Congolese who were later handed over to Bunagana boarder for investigation by the immigration officers there.

On operations and crimes

 Fred Enang said that, over 42 suspects in kabaale municipality were arrested after being found operating bars, drinking and moving in cafew hours. These were arrested and processed at Kabaale police station.

Fred Enang stressed that cases of aggravated defilement continued to increase and most of the perpetrators are relative members like step fathers who take advantages of their step daughters in the absence of their mothers.

 He advised parents to avoid leaving the girl child in isolation and stop sending them on errands minus company.

On the same conference, Frank Baine the spokesperson of the prisons service confirmed that there three cases that have merged from the prison.

Baine said that one of the cases out of the three was a staff child and all of them were taken to join a group on treatment in Kitgum Referal hospital.

Meanwhile, the immigration spokes person, said that the ministry of Internal Affairs has resolved that those discharged from the quarantine will receive their passports there and then and they have started issuing to those discharged from Mulago referral hospital.


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