Police releases statement on Ziggy Wine Death mystery discover singer was involved in motor bike accident

Police spokesperson Fred Enanga.The African News Journal/Photo

By: Hakim Ziwa

The Uganda Police have released a statement indicating that Michael Kalinda aka Ziggy Wine who died following serious injuries was involved in a motorcycle accident before he was reported missing by his family.The Police spokesperson Fred Enanga told the press in Kampala that, Ziggy Wine was involved in an accident July 21, 2019 in Kyebando a Kampala suburb at around 7PM.

Enanga said they were able to get the motorcycle that caused the accident, but the number plate had gone off as well as a few other parts. The number plate was recovered later.

He confirms that, singer Ziggy Wine was badly injured and later was identified and admitted to Rubaga Hospital. He was later referred to Mulago Hospital where he succumbed to injuries he had sustained from the accident.

Fred Enanga explained at a press conference that Kalinda’s relatives were aware of the circumstances under which the singer had suffered life-threatening injuries but they had not informed the police.

The late singer Ziggy wine and his motorcycle allegedly claimed his life by police findings.

Earlier, reports had indicated that the little known singer had been kidnapped, tortured and later dumped at Mulago hospital where he succumbed to the injuries. This account was picked by opportunistic politicians in the People Power outfit led by Kyadondo East MP Robert Kyagulanyi aka Bobi Wine.

The MP claimed that the Ziggy Wine was his comrade and a member of his singing group although he had not been involved in the visible political activities. 

Police show cases Singer Ziggy wine’S Motorcycle that allegedly involved in accident and later his death.Facebook Photo.

Police Full statement:

On the 21/7/2019 at around 2200/c, Aip Ojok Patrick attached to Kyebando police post received information of a serious accident involving the rider of blue Honda motorcycle and an unknown lady who was crossing the road, this occurred at Kyamuka area along the northern bypass at around 1930/c.

– The rider who was coming from Kalerwe side heading towards Kyebando was in a high speed trying to overtake a vehicle, another vehicle coming from Kyebando side heading towards Kalerwe side came with full light which made the rider lose control and knocked the lady called Atwori loy who was crossing the road from left to right.
-The rider who was not unknown by then and did not have any identity card fell in a trench where he was picked by the onlookers and rushed him to hope clinic in Kyamuka where the doctor gave him first aid and referred him to Mulago referral hospital.
The rider was brought to the doctor called Kule Simon while bleeding from the nose and the forehead, his eye, fingers were injured with one finger missing while the middle finger almost fell off.
-The rider / deceased was taken to Mulago by one Turyamureba Amos who handed him to casualty ward Mulago hospital. The deceased stayed in Mulago with no relative and the doctor told Kule that the patient needed CT scan.
The knocked victim who was a lady was taken in the same hope clinic but was transferred to another clinic called Kamwokya Christian clinic and after three days was discharged.
-On the 5/8/2019 there a number of media platforms which wrote an article about the kidnap, torture, and death of one Alinda Michael alias Ziggy wine by business rivals, it’s these rumors which led to the residents of Kyamuka to avail the information to police of the actual incident and contradicted the media information.
The motorcycle of the deceased was handed in at Kyebando police post with no number plate.
The number plate number UDC 434W was brought by Musobozi Podian who picked it from the scene.
It was discovered that the unknown rider was called Alinda Michael alias Ziggy wine and is the same person who was alleged to have been kidnapped, tortured and murdered by unknown people.


1. Case registered vide SD ref 19 /21/7/2019 Kyebando police
Motorcycle blue Honda was recovered and currently at Kira road police
Statements of witnesses recorded the recovered registration number plate submitted to Ura for verification.


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