President Museveni Commended for Skilling the Youth 218 Graduate at Lango Zonal Industrial Hub

The State House Comptroller Jane Barekye delivering her speech at the 1st graduation of the Presidential Initiative for Zonal Industrial Parks for Skills Development, Value Addition and Wealth creation at the Lango Zonal Industrial Hub in Lira district on 3rd January 2023. Photo by PPU / Tony Rujuta.


President Yoweri Kaguta Museveni has been commended for undertaking a great initiative that has seen thousands of Ugandan youths getting skilled in different vocational fields of work.

The President was lauded by the State House Comptroller, Ms. Jane Barekye on Tuesday 3rd January, 2023 during the passing out of 218 students who graduated at the Lango Zonal Industrial Hub situated in Ayere village, Barapwo parish, Lira City West Division in Lira City after completing an extensive six months vocational training in the different disciplines, free of charge.

Ms. Barekye thanked Gen Museveni for initiating Zonal Industrial Hubs across the country that have equipped the youth with skills, thus improving their livelihoods.

“I was scared at the beginning but now I have seen parents, guardians, well-wishers, and the graduands jubilating after this positive achievement,” she said.

The Comptroller also urged the beneficiaries to use the acquired skills to work so as they transform their families and Uganda as a whole.

“To the learners, the vision of the President was to ensure that they are equipped with skills and apply them somewhere to improve their livelihoods,” Ms. Barekye noted, before imploring the graduands to ensure that the project is a success story.

The comptroller further said that the President will provide beneficiaries with a common user facility equipped with machines that will be used by everyone for free to manufacture goods which they will take to the market to sell and earn a living.

The youth who received Level I certificates from the Directorate of Industrial Training (DIT), were admitted in July 2022 for a six months skills development training on tailoring, carpentry, bakery, knitting, shoe making, hairdressing, welding, coffee processing, stone cutting, and maize processing.

Mr. Celestino Oceng, the Manager of the Lango Zonal Industrial Hub said they admitted 220 students, but only 218 managed to finish the training after two ladies dropped out due to one being ill and another one joining the Uganda Police Force.

He also informed the State House Comptroller that the beneficiaries are now well equipped with all the necessary skills and that they are ready to transform Lango sub-region and Uganda at large, both socially and economically.


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