SafeBoda partners with D-Light Uganda to empower its drivers, riders with Smartphones


By Akram Kamoga

In a bid to streamline the bodaboda industry sector, Safeboda has partnered with D-light Uganda limited to empower its driver community with affordable smartphones.

The Managing Director of Safeboda Ricky Rapa Thomson, says the partnership will enable Safe Boda and safe car drivers to access smartphones on a hire purchase basis with an initial deposit, and then complete the payment in a period of 365 days.

“As a Brand, we believe that the future of urban transportation is about community, supporting drivers to make more money, and enhancing their welfare, this partnership brings this to life,” Ricky added.

He has disclosed that safe Boda is a brand built on the backbone of community development with their Safeboda and safety drivers forming a big part of this.

“When the drivers are happy, then we are confident about giving our customers a world-class experience” Ricky added.

Daglous Gavala, the managing Director of D-light Uganda Limited says they welcome the partnership with safe Boda which he believes will go a long way in increasing Smartphone penetration in the SafeBoda rider community. This partnership is about enabling the rider community to acquire smartphones in the most financially convenient way that doesn’t affect their cash flow.

“We all have to appreciate that a smartphone is more than just a phone, it is an enabler for work, business, education, and access to a wealth of information, he added.”


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