Security operatives arrests Events promoter Bajjo


By: The Homeland News Agency/Nasser

Security operatives dressed in a blue colored presidential guard uniforms were yesterday seen whisking Kampala’s events promoter Andy Mukasa popularly known as Bajjo who is belived to be under arrest and was driven to an unknown location.

Bajjo is the top ‘people power’ activist was arrested today morning at Mix Lounge, Centenary Park after a press conference.

Immediately after addressing journalist, three plainclothes security operatives and two counter-terrorism policemen pounced on Bajjo, clad in a white t-shirt, and red jacket, dragged him in a waiting white Toyota Hiace before being driven to unknown location.

“Why are you arresting me, why are you arresting me,” Bajjo lamented, as he was being led to the waiting car.

According to sources, the Police has been hunting for Bajjo for uploading videos on his Facebook page, directing abusive words to the president. However, the African news journal website is not sure whether that is the reason, he was arrested.

During the press conference, Bajjo and his colleague Abby Musinguzi aka ABTEX revealed that they intend to organise a marathon to help Kyadondo East MP Robert  Kyagulanyi aka Bobi Wine to earn money he has lost over failed concerts.

Musinguzi also said money got from the Marathon will help the orphans whose parents died following deadly violence that ensued in Arua district as Bobi Wine was campaigning for Wadri Kassiano (MP elect).

It is alleged that the fracas ensued after Kassiano’s supporters pelted stones on the presidential convoy, destroying the rear screen of one of his cars. The president was in the area to solicit votes for his party candidate Nusura Tiperu.

He said Erias Lukwago wrote to Police notifying them of the event. However, they said the date of the marathon would be announced as soon as Bobi Wine returns to Uganda.

In May 2019, Musinguzi and Bajjo trading as Abtex productions and Bajjo events and marketing agency Limited, respectively, sued Police and the Attorney General in the Civil Division of the High Court for refusing Bobi Wine’s from organising ‘kyarenga extra concerts’.

The concerts had been organized in the districts of Kampala, Lira, Gulu, and Arua from April 22 to May 5, 2019 in vain.

The events companies say that they had entered into an agreement with Bobi Wine and his crew to provide entertainment at 230m through the Easter festivities but the Police frustrated it.

The two companies had paid a non-refundable booking fee to Bobi Wine constituting half of the total cost for the four shows.

However, they say that they have since suffered economic loss as a result of the cancellation of the concerts.


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