Scoop on Scoop show on Urban TV suspended,Tina & Sheilah Gashumba Beef takes a break!


By Joan Tendo

The scoop on Scoop show which has been hosted by Tina Fierce who of late has been having beef with Sheila C Gashumba took a season break something that we hope has created a breathing space between these two celebrities.

This whole beef took its birth sometime back when Sheilah Gashumba broke the news to our attention about how NTV was paying her only Ugx 50000 claiming it was too little money and it’s why she quit the mean TV station and the Urban TV presenter Tina Fierce blasted her naming her a disrespectful girl and for her to earn that it was worth her contribution to NTV as a media house.

Tina Fierce statements on TV while presenting her spearheaded a bitter  head to head war with Sheilah Gashumba and her boyfriend Marcus aka Gods plan, the couple immediately regarded Tina’s actions as Cyber Bullying a campaign which has been making rounds on social media grabbing people’s attention.

The two love birds also tried dragging Tina and her bosses in courts of law as they issued an intention to sue notice demanding for an apology and Ugx 400million. Now in almost a fortnight of pushing a social media campaign to have Tina Fierce fired from urban TV scoop on scoop that show intended to take a season break and Sheilah Gashumba posted.” He who laughs last laughs best “.a post that shows jubilation.

“To my dear ones, the show will be back soon but will be one bigger fool if I don’t see this to the end. Sheilah Gashumba you wanted to go legal let’s. To my fans and to the fans of the show am good and we shall be back. Love you all. Wrote Tina.


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