Sudan Uprising: Music Icon Wyclef Jean Joins Sudan Revolution with ‘Nubian Queen’ track


By:Nasser Kasozi

Wyclef dedicates special track to the revolution

International music icon, Wyclef Jean, has joined the Sudan revolution with a special track titled “Nubian Queen.”

“Music will always be the best way I know to express myself so I wrote this song for Sudan,” Wyclef said in a social media post on June 30. Incidentally the same day that the Millions March protests took place across Sudan.

In a subsequent interaction with his fans on Twitter, he disclosed his reasons for the track and why he named it Nubian Queen. Most portions of the video have footage of ongoings in what has become known as the Sudan revolution.

The regime has fallen, we won.

The protest movement that started in December 2018 has resulted in the overthrow of long serving Omar Al-Bashir. The junta that ousted him is currently refusing to handover to civilian transition team.


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