Sudhir’s Son Rajiv Ruparelia Joins Motor Sport Industry with a Powerful VW Polo Poroto Car

City tycoon Sudhir Ruparelia with a hut on the Right side Mike Mwangi Car engineer, Rajiv and WIfe on the Left side Posing with their VW POLO Proto Rally sport Car, at its launch in Kampala on yesterday.Photo:The Homeland Media Group

City tycoon Sudhir Ruparelia’s son Rajiv under the management of the “Rajiv Ruparelia Rally Team” has joined the motor sport industry with the state of the art VW Polo Poroto Car the first of its kind in Uganda.

The event was organized by Motor Sport Africa Club (MOSAC) and Federation of Motor Sport Clubs of Uganda (FMU) which oversees the motorsport industry in Uganda graced the launch of the Rajiv’s new machine at Speke hotel on Saturday evening in Kampala.

Rajiv Ruparelia unveiled his plans to promote the motor sport business by investing more money into the industry and improve publicity and professionalism.

“I loved motor sporting right from childhood, its high time I put my dream into reality and practice” Rajiv told journalists adding that, motor sporting needs money and where possible we shall invest more money into the industry to attract more support from the public.”

“To revelers expect a lot of professionalism and fun from the Rajiv Ruparelia Rally Team and enjoy the rally experience in Uganda”. Rajiv said.

The occasion was also graced by renowned rally drivers in Uganda including, Desh Kananura, Dancun Mubiru Kikankane, Ronald Ssebuguzi and Leon Ssenyange among others who turned to give support and show solidarity to the initiation of the a new breed Rajiv Ruparelia under the management of Rajiv Ruparelia Rally Team into the motor Rallying industry.

RAJIV Ruparelia posing with other Rally Drivers at the launch of his Motor sporting Journey and unveiling of his new VW POLO PROTO SPORT CAR at Speke hotel In Kampala on Saturday.Photo:The Homeland Media Group

Dr. Sudhir Ruparelia expressed happiness to his son for following his dream from childhood of becoming a rally driver,

“Am happy that Rajiv has made his dream come true and believe me he is going to be a professional rally driver in Uganda without,”said Sudhir.

Mike Mwangi (a Kenyan national) who is Rajiv’s motor vehicle mechanic engineer described the VW Polo Proto car, made in Poland designed and fitted with a special 2.0 liter engine, with 4*4 Turbo, with 300Kgs lighter capacity with first class gear Box ratio is 237 kmlh which is recommended for modern rallying because of its modifications that are endless.

Mwangi says the proto wagon car safety is absolutely good because of modern and ultra-technology that controls speed both in rally driving and in leisure driving.

About the Car:
According to the website of motor sport auctions a VW Polo WRC Proto car costs £35,000 GBP (about UGX = UGX 165984700.0000).

Rajiv Ruparelia’s Powerful VW Polo Poroto Sport Car being unveiled to the public at Speke Hotel in Kampala.Photo:The Homeland Media Group

One of the Ugandan Rally drivers who spoke on condition of anonymity said, rally driving is expensive only requires passion and money; I commend Rajiv Ruparelia for this initiative that will boost the motor sport and rallying in Uganda.

“Besides rally car safety fittings and other modern modifications applied to Rajiv’S car to suit both the international and local rally racing standards the VW POLO Proto Sport car is estimated to cost over sh 300m.”


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