Swag Mama massages Big Size in latest hit

Sheebah Karungi

By Joan Tendo

Sheebah Karungi aka Swag Mama has massaged her fellow singer, Moses Ssali aka Bebe cool the big size in her latest Club Banga Remix that she co-sung with Crystal Panda.

 In this hot vibe, the queen of Uganda’s music is heard appealing to the ‘Big size’, to consider their song on his list at the beginning of the year release.

As it a norm for musician Bebe cool to release a list of top singers in the music industry every first day of the New Year as he claims to have moral authority because of his over 20 years’ experience in the industry, he creates some pressure among his fellow musicians to produce good and hit songs to be able to appear on the termed Bebe Cools List.

The “Kyolina Omanyi” Remix Banga done by Sheebah and Crystal Panda which is making rounds on air waves and these hoped it to appea


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