Tear gas Rock as Police disperse angry traders in downtown


By Joan Tendo

Police in Kampala heavily deployed used tear gas to disperse angry traders who had heed to their statement of forcefully reopening arcades and resume work amidst government resistance.

On March 18, the President banned all trading activities across the country as one of the measures of combating the spread of the novel coronavirus.

However when the president started easing the nationwide lock down he only allowed shops that operate on roadside to resume work

Traders especially those who operate in arcades have still been banned from working as the situation is still being examined, according to the Ministry of Health.

On Monday this week, the traders under their umbrella body, the Kampala City Traders Association (KACITA) issued a statement where it called upon all the traders to open their shops on Tuesday while following the Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs).

The Anti-Riot police was forced to spray tear gas on flock of traders who had turned out. Police deployed heavily and forced everyone who was found there to leave immediately.


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