Tears of Joy as 420 Students Graduate from St. Lawrence University!

Stephen Abach, the best male student receiving a dummy cheque from the university chancellor, Edward Kiwanuka Ssekandi. COURTESY/PHOTO


It was tears of joy as a total of 430 students graduated in various disciplines at the St. Lawrence University in Kampala.

Speaking at the function, Prof Badru Kateregga who was the guest speaker urged the graduands to always have a positive attitude as they got into the labour market.

“Whereas the labour market is not lacking knowledgeable individuals and those with skills, it is struggling to find individuals with the right attitude and character to make an impact. Whereas it is graduating and that will make you get job, it is only character and attitude to keep you there,”Kateregga said.

He told the group that a positive attitude can be built by seeking to listen to positive advice, the kinds of books they read, the places they visit and the people they associate with.

“Those who believe in god should continue practicing faith and live by values. Having faith and values will help you treat people well and think about wellbeing of others. Endeavor to be a good example and live a lasting legacy of hope and good will for those who will come.

Prof.Kateregga who is also the co-founder for Kampala University hailed the deceased founder of St. Lawrence University, Prof. Lawrence Mukiibi for the visionary leadership that saw him invest in the education sector.

“The late prof. Mukiibi was a practical visionary who always dreamed and acted big. He was a man of great conviction who lived in the future of his times by creating a lasting impact on humanity. He was unstoppable.”

He urged government to appreciate and accord due recognition to the Prof. Mukiibi for the contribution he made to Uganda’s education sector.

Former Vice President, Edward Kiwanuka Ssekandi who is also the university chancellor said whereas the Covid pandemic has created a new normal, St.Lawrence University will remain committed to her objective of producing extraordinary citizens.

Stephen Abach, the best male student receiving a dummy cheque from the university chancellor, Edward Kiwanuka Ssekandi. COURTESY/PHOTO

“I urge all of you to steadily move in this direction for the best lighting of our candles so as to light those of our graduants. It is only then that St.Lawrence University shall remain relevant in generating adaptation and mitigation solution to current and future problems,”Ssekandi said.

The university Vice Chancellor Dr.Charles Masaba advice the graduands on being multi-tasked as they go into the job market.

“You are graduating at a time when we have just suffered a serious setback in all spheres of life as a result of Covid pandemic. Pandemics are factors of life that are not predictable hence the need for being foreseeable. One way of being prepared is being multi-tasked so as to change with change,”Dr.Masaba urged.

“You are encouraged to invest in career-based education of the future if you are to remain relevant in the job world.”


It was a moment of both tears and joy as the best as the university awarded the best students during the graduation ceremony.

In one incident, Sharon Auja, who had excelled as the best female student could not help seeing tears roll down her cheeks after being asked to collect her award.

On the other side, her mother, Seargent  Martha Adeke, the Officer in charge of Kireku police post under Kira division could not hide her happiness.

She was seen running towards her daughter and lifted her high as she ululated.

Whereas Searget Adeke beamed with joy, her daughter Auja was on the other side trying to control tears of joy that were rolling down her cheeks.

The 12th graduation ceremony had graduands from Uganda, South Sudan, Sudan, Rwanda, Burundi, Tanzania, DRC, Kenya, Nigeria, Somalia, Comoros, Eritrea and Ethiopia.



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