Teso MPs Welcome Kadaga back to office after recovery


Members of parliament from Teso sub region in eastern Uganda have paid a courtesy visit to Speaker Kadaga in her office at Parliament, with lots of love and congratulatory messages thanking the almighty God for her recovery and back to work.

Over 34 Legislators hailing  from Teso  sub region region including Elijah Okupa (Kasilo county), Veronica Isala Eragu ( Kaberamaido County), Ongalo Obote Kaberamaido Kalaki county), Anita Among (Bukedea woman),  Angelline Osegge ( Soroti woman), David Abala (Ngora County), Silas Aogon ( Kumi Municipality), Violet Akurut Adome (Katakwi Woman), Kenneth Esiangu Eitunganane (Soroti County), Suzan Ameru (Amuria  woman),John Bosco Ikojo (Bukedea County), wholesomely welcomed and celebrated Kadaga’s return to official duties.

Members of parliament from Teso region cutting a cake with speaker Kadaga.CPA Photos

Led by Okupa in Kadaga’s board room in Parliament, chanting in Ateso “ Emuria Kolia” meaning let there be posterity, blessings, good fortune to Kadaga also pledged  goats, sacks of ground nuts, turkeys (large bird with a bare wattled head and neck)  as a gesture wishing her complete recovery.

Okupa said that news of the speaker’s ill health left them in pain thank God she is now alive fine and strong as always. 

The MPs also toasted bottles wines, cut and shared a cake with Kadaga, signed a card signifying love and solidarity for quick recovery from her sickness.

The Vice Chairperson of the group, Eragu said:

“When we heard that you were back home, we jubilated. As TPG, we value the relationship we share with you, it is special,” said Isala Eragu.

The legislators took the opportunity to pray for Kadaga    encouraged Kadaga to keep strong, saying that the ill health was just a trial. 

“Desire and seek the purpose of God. There is a reason why he has brought you back,” Anita Among said

Kadaga who was visibly excited by the response from people world over.

“ I didn’t know that legislators love me I have been overwhelmed by the response

“When I returned, there was so much traffic, the Kenyans, Ugandans and the east African region looking for me. I was so amazed,” said Kadaga.

She attributed her recovery to God, saying that during difficult times, she would talk to God.  

“I would remind him of the sacrifices I have made and tell him that I do your work. He is a great God who listens. I will continue serving Him,” said Kadaga.

She also called on MPs to continue carrying out their roles and responsibilities. “All is well. God answered our prayers. Let us continue working so that we can handle the problems in this country because that is why we were elected,” said Kadaga.


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