The unknown truth why DPP dropped charges against afande Bakaleke


Ugandans and the international community who were seeking justice against former Kampala Metropolitan Police South commander ACP Sirajje Bakaleke are in shock and disappointed after DPP dropped all charges against him.

Afande Sirajje Bakaleke was allegedly sued for kidnap, abuse of office and conspiracy to defraud three South Koreans businessmen of $415,000 (about sh1.5b) in a gold scam on February 8, 2018. They are, Ha Dongsub, Park Seunghoon and Jang Seungkwon, who were arrested from Acacia Mall in Kampala.
According to my inner sources Mike Chibita and his friends in crime shared the alleged stolen Shs 1.5 billion from South Korean nationals and in pretext were the ones hunting for Bakeleke.

One of the senior CID Commander Kampala Metropolitan Police after sharing the loot, later discovered that Siraje actually remained with a share of 700 million; The officer was so furious that he advised Directorate of public prosecutions Mike Chibita in a phone communication dated May 22 2018 to enjoin (Bakaleke) on charges of kidnap and extortion, the DPP agreed and took action.

When Bakaleke’s co-accused tried to petition the High Court to stop his prosecution until his case is fully investigated by the CID however the petition was dismissed and court ordered him to stand trial.

However a section of Ugandan wants him prosecuted though

And claim that DPP had not investigated the matter, the African news journal corps found out that there was no evidence on file; this prompted the office of the DPP to chase that file twice for lack of evidence until it was directed by someone in police that the file had to sanction as it was.

Source has it that Siraje who has been on the run promised to comply with the hunters demands


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