Social Media: Police arrests two masqueraders

Ochan Allan a resident of Nabweru and Collins Mugerwa 27 years from Kitebi were arrested over charges of operating fake Twitter and Facebook pages in the name of Uganda police.

Afande-Charles-Twine-the-Spokes-person-CID-headquarters addressing journalists at the Media Centre.

By Ssazi Shafik

Uganda Police arrests two Ochan Allan a resident of Nabweru and Collins Mugerwa 27 years from Kitebi over charges of operating fake Twitter and Facebook pages in the name of Uganda Police and posting misleading information on there for the public.

Charles Twine the spokesperson Criminal Investigations Directorate (CID) headquarters told journalists in Kampala that the two were posting misleading and diverting information to the public while masquerading as police.

Twine said that, Ochan and Mugerwa opened Facebook and Twitter accounts in the names “Uganda police” where they have been posting information that was ridiculous and criminal in nature tarnishing the image of the Uganda Police Force.

Twine added that, on one of the occasions, the dual posted on the accounts that the Central Police Station (CPS) building was on sale which police say was false information.

He noted that they had posted and circulated information that Afande Fred Enanga; the spokesperson of the Uganda police had warned Afande Hassan over being reluctant to the virus that led to his illness.

Charles further said that the Directorate of criminal investigations  has created a  formidable team of electronic counter measures that will always pursue however thinks that he will use the skill of IT  to  ridicule and abuse the rights of others.

He called upon the public to be vigilant and called upon the victims of some of these fake accounts to come to CID headquarters and report the matter.

More so, police has arrested Andrew Kagwa Kalumba one of the directors of Global Capital Currency on allegations of fraud after he confused over 811 Ugandans and stole money from them using  indirect tactics.

Police said that it had received complaints from the public who were promised to be given 40 percent on the money that they deposited with him.

Charles Atwine stressed that Andrew was aligned to court on 28th August 2020  following complaints of over 4000 Ugandans who had submitted similar complaints about him to various police stations especially in Kampala.

Andrew had taken money not only from individuals but also groups and was promising them to trade in money. He had promised them an interest of 40 percent every week.

“Andrew was not doing any substantial business that would warrant the 40 percent interest he was promising his victims”. Charles Atwine stressed.

He further said that Andrew had been convicted in court in 2002 but the case was dismissed because the complainants lacked evidence and were not coordinated.

 Twine further stated that between 2002 and 2004, Andrew owned an organization called COWE which also defrauded Ugandans before he rushed to India. When he came back he owned another organization called Dutch International which he used to con people before he escaped to Rwanda.


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