Tycoon Jaffer committed to changing the face of Arua city


By: Nasser & Sabuni

We’ve always known that the live experience of a football match inside a stadium is a defining part of being a football fan, and one of the key factors that continue to pull in match-day revenue despite some here & after wrangles which at the end was resolved. This enthusiasm to this classy jolly is brought by the Director Jaffer Aita Joel himself of the Joadah Consult limited.

The development of Arua Stadium has shown to us the strength in belief and character to allow open discussion from those opposed on a site that is “pro stadium”.

The SOS folks on their site do not and have disabled comments. I find this the most honest display of how the SOS folk really feel about an “open process”…they are open to a process that they like or supports their narrative.

No one wants to be a “Joadah clone” and as an alum I resent that insinuation, as I could say those “against” want Joadah to fail, and do not respect him…which is closer to the truth then wanting to be a clone of another school.
The stadium is not really for a team…yes they will get a very good benefit out of it, but it is for Joadah fans, and alums.

The ARUA Hill stadium under development as it looks Apparently.

This stadium will reconnect many of them together and the nation at large which many now just go to Nambole for big games. So the stadium is much bigger picture than football, and even athletics; it is about connecting with and reconnecting Joadah with alums and those who are and were part of us the West Nile.
Also, this “win first” trope no one is saying that if we build this we are guaranteed to win more.that is ridiculous.

But, what it can do is create favorable conditions for winning to take place,attracting top talent, coaches, teams.which in turn can lead to wins, which can lead to a higher profile for West Nile.

Joadah Consult Managing director Jaffer Aita Joel third from right side with Mulago hospital Directors,next to him is former minister mike Mukula and Dr. BB Bateerena Executive Director Mulago Hospital.File Photo

So using the “win first” logic…we should tell our people prove you can believe in yourself first, BEFORE we provide you the “tools to succeed”.
No one is asking you for a dime. Yet you feel compelled to tell others how and where to spend their money. If you are so concerned with the plight of those struggling to which I commend you and agree, then donate to those worthy causes, or even volunteer.

Joadah Consult Director Jaffer Aita Joel right in a green Shirt with the staff.

Also, as Joadah Consult is one of the tops in Ag Engineering, Forestry, Landscape Architecture, I think they are more than well-equipped enough to handle trees, green space, environmental issues…etc…as they already have for the other dozen buildings that were built on over the past decade.

Joadah Consult is a limited liability company with a proven set-up for Infrastructure and Management Consultancy projects with all the technical and financial capabilities of undertaking projects of any size.

Joadah Consult provides superior consulting services in design and project management. We bring a fresh and innovative approach to consulting services, acting as liaison between the end-user and the clients. Our goal is to exceed the expectations of every client by offering outstanding customer service, increased flexibility, and greater value, thus optimizing costs and providing quality works.


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