Uganda Government increases Honorarium Remuneration of Kings, Cultural Leaders-Mutuzo


The Cabinet has proved to the increase of the honoraria remuneration for all kingdoms and chiefdoms in Uganda from 5M to 10M shillings for the F/Y 2019-2020 Burial

According to the state minster for gender and culture peace Regis Mutuzo, the kings will be earning 10M per month and on top of that they will be added two cars that will be replaced every five years.

Peace added that this will be discussed in parliament for approval and once approved; it will immediately start with the F/Y 2019-2020.

Mutuzo revealed this today during the 5th coronation of the Omudingya of the Obudingiya Bwabwamba Col. Matine Ayongi Kamya hat was held at Burondo primary school, Bugendera county Bundibugyo district.

Meanwhile in his congratulatory message that was read by the cabinet minister for tourism and integrity Ephraim Kamuntu, the president of the republic of Uganda his excellence Yoweri Kaguta Museve appealed to all cultural leaders encourage their subjects embrace government programs including operation wealth creation in a bid to increase on their household income.

In his letter president stated that kings cannot rule poor people thus should encourage them embrace agricultural practices among others.

However the president cautioned cultural leaders to keeping peace in their respective kingdoms by staying together.

His majesty the king Col. Martine Kamya expressed concern over the dilution of cultural norms in his kingdom explaining that many children do not know how to read, speak and write their own language thus asking the Bamba community to teach their children about the cultural norms.

The coronation was graced by all cultural leaders from 14 cultural institutions in Uganda, among others.


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