Used & Dumped “I will Oppose Museveni until I die, Former Minister Omara Atubo

Former Lands minister, Daniel Omara Atubo (standing) speaks at the regional civic agency learning fellowship, Lira City on November 10, 2022. COURTESY/PHOTO

By Acaye Joeseph

Former minister of Lands, Housing and Urban Development, Mr. Daniel Omara Atubo, has vowed to oppose President Yoweri Museveni until death for allegedly disappointing him.
Mr Omara Atubo, who is a lawyer, educator, and politician, served as Minister of Lands from May 2006 until May 27, 2011, when he was dropped in a cabinet reshuffle.

“Museveni has turned out to be the greatest enemy and abuser of human rights. Even the Opposition is saying remove Museveni first and after that things may improve because as long as Museveni is there, people who have jobs and businesses will always fight for Museveni to be there so that they protect their jobs and money,” Mr Atubo, the former Members of Parliament for Otuke County, said.

He made the remarks at a regional agency civic learning fellowship organized by Lango Civil Society Network (LACSON) formerly Lira NGO Forum in partnership with Uganda National NGO Forum at Margaritha Palace Hotel, Lira City, on Thursday.
“We made a very good 1995 Constitution because we knew that one of the problems of Uganda has been a transition. If you cannot transit through free and fair elections at least you have two brakes – a two-term limit and an age limit. Somebody will be caught there so that you hand over power.

What did Museveni do? Removed the age limit by bribing and intimidating Members of Parliament, and they removed the term limit,” Mr. Atubo said.

He acknowledged that in 2011 he was one of those who campaigned for Mr. Museveni.
“I said let us give Museveni the last vote because in 2016 he will not contest because he will be over 75 years. Let us vote for him, let us thank him.

As soon as Museveni won that election if he won, what did he do within one year?  Removed the age limit! This is why I will not support him and I will oppose him until I die,” Mr Atubo added.

“The greatest enemy in this country to democracy and human rights are the presidents and the government in power. So, until we can control our presidents and the government in power by whatever means possible, we are not going to have democracy because of human greed.”

During the same event, Ms Barbra Akech, the Resident District Commissioner (RDC) of Dokolo, spent half of her time explaining the use of the national army during elections as leaders from Lango Sub-region condemned the government for engaging in human rights violations with impunity.

The RDC was also tasked to explain why most RDCs campaign for the National Resistance Movement (NRM) presidential candidate during the elections yet they are supposed to be nonpartisan.
“I have a party where I belong and I will not fear to say something in favor of my party,” she said before taking a swipe at Uganda Human Rights Commission (UHRC).

Ms. Akech said the human rights body has for long been “pampering” the Opposition and taking sides with them.
“When a policeman is being beaten and tortured, or civilians are throwing stones at them, they don’t talk about it, but when an opposition is being manhandled, you will see how they will come to you,” the RDC said.

Ms. Immaculate Akullu, UHRC legal officer, dismissed the allegations as unfounded, further clarifying that the commission works for all Ugandans.
Mr. Ismael Pinto, the Lira RDC, said the NRM government has done a lot for Ugandans, adding that Uganda is a democratic state.

“I thank Omara Atubo for stating the facts as they are to himself. He is going to walk safely and reach home but says there is no peace!” he said.

Amnesty International said security forces used intimidatory tactics to suppress political opposition members and supporters in the context of the January 2021 elections, including arbitrary arrests, abductions, prolonged incommunicado detention, enforced disappearances, and prosecutions, among others.


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