UTL-ANITE FIESTA: West Nile MPs roars we will secede if Anite is killed by State Mafias


By: Nasser Kasozi

Legislators from west Nile have expressed displeasure to government over remarks by minister Anite that she is facing numerous death threats by mafias, as a sign of showing solidarity, MPs West Nile Sub-Region have threatened to secede and go back to where they belong if Evelyn Anite is killed by state mafias.

Legislators under the West Nile Parliamentary Group addressing the media on Tuesday at parliament said that, one of them and a minister has been receiving death threats as aresult of her good work to revamp the bed ridden UTL as state mafias are not giving way.

 “As colleagues we cannot take it as a light matter considering what happened to former MP Arua Municipality Hon. Ibrahim Abiriga (also from West Nile) who they said received similar threats before he was killed to date Government has never produced any report to his death and its happening again why……”.

The MPs say Evelyne Anite is actually pursuing a genuine cause to cause accountability and functionality of a bedridden parasternal she supervises and trying to bring to life…….. which for no reason can be rewarded with death threats.

Earlier this week, Minister Evelyn Anite convened a press conference yesterday and said mafias in government are trailing her with a plan to assassinate her for her stance in the fate of the troubled Uganda Telecom Limited (UTL).

Minister Anite Addressing the press Earlier this week on death threats.The Homeland Media Group/Photo.

Legislators said after Abiriga’s death in June 2018, Evelyn Anite became a legitimate target considering her support for NRM, and she is not the first person from West Nile to receive such threats for opposing corruption tendencies in government. They cited a case of former minister Zoe Bakoko Bakoru who allegedly sought political asylum fearing for her life after opposing dealings in management of NSSF.

“This country is for all of us, much as we became part this country in 1914, we belong here. We don’t want anything to happen to Anite and we hope government will treat her security as a matter with urgency” said Etuka Isaac Joakino MP Upper Madi constituency.

“She is a mother to us and she is doing a great job for this country. we cannot let anything happen to her” said Rose Atima Ayaka.

The legislators now demand that government should pronounce itself on the security of Evelyn Anite, and assure the people of West Nile who are anxious over her safety.

We have the Majje:Minister Anite as she claimed to have said,there celebrating after a successful Constitutional amendment of article 103 (b) that lifted presidential age limit from constitution.File photo.

They also demand for a pronouncement on the state of affairs in UTL, the status of its assets, and a guarantee that no Ugandan irrespective of their tribe, or affiliation should be vindicated or witch-hunted when performing his or her duties.

“We are ready to leave this parliament, walk back to our people, pick our people and leave this country. We from West Nile cannot stand with this government because it is a system and defend corruption.

MPs said the matter of Uganda Telecom Limited (UTL) is corruption and they don’t see why someone trying to redeem a government entity should be fought to later.

“Working for government sincerely is bad……who ever tries to help government he or she fought left and center why..”West nile MPs asks?

The politicians from west Nile said, “ we the WestNilers’ are warriors and ready to face the Mafias, stand warned” one of the MPs said in après conference that enough is enough if one of them is threatened to death they confront the mafias head on or secede from Uganda.


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