Why Museveni Donated UGX 300M to Orthodox Church Projects


After facing sharp criticism by Orthodox church leaders against NRM regime for violation and abuse of human rights, President Museveni has decided to to visit the Namungoona based Church and contributed over UGX300m, pledged another UGX270m towards building a cathedral for the Orthodox Church in Kampala respectively.

Museveni also promised additional UGX80 million for all the church members Sacco and another UGX20 million for the church leaders Sacco that is led by Lwemiyaga County MP Theodore Ssekikubo.

The construction of Hagia Sophia Orthodox Cathedral as part of the celebrations to mark 100 years in service in Uganda will be built at a cost of UGX15 billion.

Speaking at the fundraising ceremony at Namungoona, Kampala on Sunday, and President Museveni also promised to mobilize resources from the orthodox fraternity in Eritrea, Egypt, Sabia, Ethiopia and Russia, among other countries for the construction of Hagia Sophia Orthodox Cathedral in Uganda

Mr. Musevenis visit to the church comes after its Archbishop, Metropolitan Jonah Lwanga, warned that the ruling National Resistance Movement (NRM) party will soon collapse because it has disturbed the nation so much.

We are going to suffer human rights abuse until NRM is dissolved. And it (NRM) is going to dissolve very soon. I say this prophetically, it is not going to be there because it has disturbed this nation very much. It is going to dissolve, Metropolitan Lwanga said.

He added: And when it dissolves, then things will go wonderfully.

He said these while delivering his belated Easter message at the Orthodox Secretariat on Namungoona Hill, Kampala last week. He was responding to a question on the rampant cases of killings and violation of human rights in the country.

It is the Presidents practice to make donations to churches, schools and other groups.

Last week, it emerged that State House has increased its budget to UGX407b in 2019/2020 reflecting a 47% increment against the FY2018/20l9 with the money said to go towards mobilizing masses towards political and socio-economic transformation, industrialization, and improved quality of life as well as appreciation of government policies and programmes.

According to the ministerial policy statement tabled before the Presidential Affairs Committee, the proposed allocation to wage category has been maintained at UGX17.1b, while the non-wage recurrent category is UGX377.7b.
On the other hand, domestic development category will account for UGX12.34b.


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