Capital Offenders Deserve to Rot in Jail

In times when there’s enough evidence to convict an individual, why should the court rush to bail out that individual even when we are aware that immediately when the person has been released they will go ahead and commit more offences.

Sam Evidence Orikunda,Deputy RDC Kyenjojo District. COURTESY/PHOTO

By Sam Evidence Orikunda

Ugandans love arguing for no reason.

The NRM having embraced democracy, politics of consensus and free speech everyone feels he has something to say even on issues where they lack facts or even on issues which are obvious in the eyes of the public.

We have had challenges of criminals who commit capital offences, be taken to court and a shortest time they walk free.

In the communities where those people live, there’s a bad image of courts and all the judicial system in the country.

When people are reporting those cases they will tell you that “he has ever been to court on the similar case and he was released.”

Actually in some parts of the country people have got tired of such criminals and most times when they’re caught in other crimes of murder the residents decide to kill those criminals immediately because they know once those people are taken to police and later court they will be released on bail.

To help themselves they choose to murder those individuals and so many suspects have died in that manner.

This is likely to continue if we don’t buy the idea of the president.

The opposition and everyone who is arguing about this issue of court bail are aware of whatever has been happening in our communities because of court bails.

Actually in some instances the opposition have been affected by this similar problem but because they feel they should argue and oppose the government so that the media captures them in the news they have to oppose it.

If we have to keep a secure and stable country we must find solutions to the criminals that have made the lives of other Ugandans difficult.

In times when there’s enough evidence to convict an individual, why should the court rush to bail out that individual even when we are aware that immediately when the person has been released they will go ahead and commit more offences.

Why don’t we wait and help our people so that there’s sanity and justice for the people who lose their loved ones to the heartless and extremist criminals who don’t value life.

When the NRM came to power, Uganda was simply ungovernable and unmanageable with indisciplined soldiers who were given guns and told to search salaries using those guns.

It’s been in President Museveni’s time where a soldier knows that he is supposed to protect the civilian and not forcefully getting money from that civilian.

Having disciplined the armed forces and Making them friends of the civilians it’s the civilians who have instead turned themselves into deadly and heartless criminals who do not value life.

In most cases we have been shocked to find out that some criminals even get access to guns and make the lives of other civilians very difficult.

But because we had not yet found out, same criminals have taken advantage of the dangerous systems of human rights which are usually protected and hugely funded by foreigners as a shield to cause mayhem and insecurity in the country.

When the President talked about having that issue of bails to the capital dealt with some individuals got mad at him and they’ve been creating all sorts of irrelevant arguments in the media, some are paid and others are playing politics as usual.

Of course just like the president said it in his recent communication to the nation there are some criminals who collaborate with the police especially in the CID department to conceal evidence on major cases which involve murder.

So many people have been denied justice in those shabby and bloody deals.

That justifies the president’s statement that there’s still kawukumi in the police, those who do not care about sanity and keeping the country safe and secure but they instead push for their own things which are known to them but some great work has been done in as far as cleaning police is concerned.

Now imagine, if we still have challenges of those criminals collaborating with police and we add on the judicial officers who quickly want to give bails, how shall we keep the country safe against the heartless criminals?

Even all the efforts that have been made before will now be useless since criminals will be sure that going to court is just for a short while.

I think and I’m convinced that there’s no problem absolutely if the capital offenders especially those are involved in murders are denied bail in instances where there’s overwhelming evidence that someone committed that offence.

The members of parliament should support the president in helping to put this into law so that we help Ugandans on this huge challenge of people who decide to make crime their lifetime job or profession.

As party and government we have fought hard to keep our country safe and stable, that’s why the economy has grown and a number of other things are being done but we will lose track if the criminals take control of our country, we will now be wasting a lot of time and resources resources to remain the peace and stability that we have enjoyed for many years.

I also think that it takes patriotism and humanity to support the idea brought by the president, even the Bible itself says that whoever kills with sword should also die by a sword.

The writer is the Deputy RDC Kyenjojo District


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