I will stand as independent but support Bobi Wine- Mujuuka

"NUP vetting Committee cannot end my political career"

Patriko Mujuuka with his supporters in Nakifuma. (file Photo.)

By Homeland Reorter

After being denied a National Unity Party card, journalist and comedian turned Politician Patriko Mujuuka has come out to announce to his supporters that he will be running for Member of Parliament Nakifuma Constituency as an independent Candidate.

 Despite the long standing friendship he has shared with Bobi Wine, the vetting committee did not find him suitable enough to represent their party in Nakifuma Constituency.

He states that the NUP vetting Committee cannot end his political career as they may be corrupt or misguided since they failed to see that he was more popular than his opponents.

Mujuuka has vowed to continue supporting Hon. Kyagulanyi.


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