Parliament Journalist’s condemn police brutality, crowns IGP Ochola enemy to press freedom

Moses Mulondo, says an attack on the media is an attack on the whole nation and these acts of brutality against journalists are deliberate obstructs to press freedom.

UPPA President,Moses Mulondo [3rd Left] standing in solidarity with other Members of Uganda Parliamentary Press Association UPPA. THE HOMELAND MEDIA GROUP/PHOTO

By Isabella Yvonne Mugeni

The Uganda Parliamentary Press Association [a body for Journalist covering parliament] through their president Moses Mulondo has on Monday 28th called the security agencies to respect press freedom and stop attacking journalists while on duty.

Moses Mulondo, UPPA president said in his address to the media said that continued brutality onto journalists and media workers by police is a total violation of human rights and should be condemned with strong arms.

He expressed displeasure towards continued brutality against journalists by security agents mainly the police force that these brutal attacks have hindered the way journalists do their works especially those covering political opposition candidates.

 “On 27th December 2020 in Masaka district, journalists covering Robert Ssentamu Kyagulanyi were shot at others sustained injuries including Ghetto TV journalist Ashraf Kasirye who sustained severe injuries on the head after he was hit with a blunt object who is now fighting for his life at Rubaga hospital”. Said Mulondo in a statement.

Others who were shot by security agents on the same day are NTV’s Ali Mivule and Daniel Lutaaya of NBSTV who also sustained injuries after they were shot at by the police.” Said Moses

Moses Mulondo, says an attack on the media is an attack on the whole nation and these acts of brutality against journalists are deliberate obstructs to press freedom.

He said that, security forces who are meant to protect the journalists are the very ones inflicting injuries on them {journalists}.

“Whereas the media is a key stake holder in promoting democracy and plays an important role in building an informed and free society, journalists on duty continue to suffer harassment at the hands of security agents.” Said Mulondo.

Mulondo extended his displeasure to the security forces whose acts have curtailed promotion of democracy in the country and put the lives of journalists at risk.

Mulondo appreciated the role of the some members of the public, civil society groups, religious groups and cultural leaders who have come out to condemn these barbaric acts.

In this regard, he called upon the Inspector General of Police to identify and reprimand officers responsible for brutal acts that led to the injuries of journalists in the 27th December 2020 incident in Masaka district

Moses declared the top leaders of the Uganda police force headed by Martin Okoth Ochola as enemies of press freedom and other fundamental rights of Ugandans.

“We hereby confer Martin Okoth a title of shame of enemy of press freedom.” said Moses.

Mulondo said that more serious measures will be added if nothing is done to stop the madness of the police force not only against journalists but the Ugandan citizens at large.

Mulondo in his message calls upon President Yoweri Museveni who is the commander in chief of armed forces and whose name is damaged by police brutality to do the needful to stop these primitive acts by security agents


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