UPDF denies killing Bobiwine’s body guard ‘Kalibala’

Hon. Flavia Byekwaso the UPDF spokesperson says “We did not knock Bobi Wine’s bodyguard”

The UPDF Spokesperson Brig Flavia Byekwaso. File/Photo

The Uganda People’s Defence Forces has distanced itself from the claims that their vehicle knocked dead one of Robert Kyagulanyi’s bodyguards, Francis Kalibala Senteza on Sunday.

The UPDF Spokesperson Brig. Flavia Byekwaso said in a statement that the late Senteza fell of a speeding car.

“UPDF would like to clarify that the late Senteza was not knocked by a military police vehicle as earlier purported, but rather fell off a speeding car registration number UBF 850Z,”she stated.

Earlier on Sunday, news of the death of Senteza paralysed the NUP camp.

Kyagulanyi said the late was knocked by a UPDF van registration number H4DF 2382 as his convoy drove journalist Ashraf Kasirye from Masaka to Kampala for further medical attention after he was injured as police dispersed NUP supporters in Masaka

After the incident, Kalibala was rushed to hospital where doctors tried to save his life but failed.

He passed away later in the evening at Rubaga hospital.


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