Brush your Teeth, Close your Eyes, Give your fiance a good Kiss!

Kissing will be fun if you take turns to lead. It will give you different ways to take on the journey of foreplay. One other thing.

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Some of these things people take for granted. Some people think that because both of you have lips, you should be able to figure out the whole kissing act without so much fuss. Kissing is an art.

How I wish people took it seriously.

One can lose a chance with another because of just the way they kiss. All levels of intimacy start when you lower your head or raise her chin and plant the first kiss.

A kiss should be gentle no matter how rough she loves her sex. All good kissers know lip-licking before they place them on the other person’s. For men, that is the easiest way to moisturise those lips. By all means, make sure your lips aren’t dry.

If you have colourless gloss in your bag, take a minute and get ready for that make-out session. Make sure the gloss is not dripping. That is why some people never kiss you. Dripping gloss almost looks like someone is about to sip on cooking oil.

Yuck. It is not written anywhere that man shall lead when you want to kiss. If you want a kiss, go in for it.

Kissing will be fun if you take turns to lead. It will give you different ways to take on the journey of foreplay. One other thing.

When you are going for the kiss, make sure to close your eyes. I do not understand people who kiss with their eyes open.

Like why are you kissing someone you think will take something from your pocket in the first place. It is creepy and a total turn off.

You will get a more rushing sensation from the touch and feel of a kiss if your eyes are relaxed and closed. While at it, make sure to use your hands.

Don’t let your arms awkwardly hang there. A strong man’s hands should be around her back, waist, or on the sides of her face.

Woman, your hands can be in several places, including: around his neck, on the sides of his face, on his stomach (one pack or otherwise), or his biceps. Don’t be afraid to run your fingers through your fiance’s hair. Make sure that hair is washed at all times.

One might run their fingers through your hair and come back with all of it or with a cockroach. Sigh.

Dear partner, when the act of kissing in ongoing, softly moan, sigh, or kiss back harder if what they are doing is pleasurable.

My darling the women, don’t wait for when he is entering the Promised Land to start moaning. When he kisses you, hold his arms, give a little squeeze plus a moan and drive them nuts. Kissing intensifies over time. When you go in for one, don’t dive straight for the tonsils.

Caress, fondle, and wrestle with their tongue. Don’t ever bite. If you are going in for the French kiss, start kissing like a normal kiss, then slowly open your mouth and touch your partner’s tongue softly with yours. They will get the hint and go from there.

Use your tongue in the way you want your partner to use his/hers – both of you will naturally do the same. As long as you are comfortable and at ease with each other, your kiss will be pleasurable.

Just empty your mind of everything except the moment at hand, and you will master the art of kissing.

Please note that I did not talk about hygiene intentionally. If you are going to kiss anyone, you better make sure that you can stand your own mouth odour.

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