Clanisation of African Politics’How Leaders prepare Children For Succession as Congo President’s Appoints Son Minister!


The naming of Idriss Deby Jr as Chad president, we thought was going to be the year’s event in the media as a father-to-son power transition in Africa, over the weekend the son of long-serving Congo-Brazzaville President Denis Sassou Nguesso appoints his son minister in a new cabinet line-up.

The naming if Idris Deby Jr as Chad president and head of transitions council after death of his Father appears to confirm a new trend of quasi-monarchies in where managing state affairs becomes a family cake as the notion father to father power transition takes shape.

The new government, announced by Prime Minister Anatole Collinet Makosso, has 36 members including four ministers and eight women.

Denis Christel Sassou Nguesso will head the newly created ministry of international cooperation.

The new appointments follow the president’s re-election in March.

The president has been in power since 1979, except for a five-year period after losing elections in 1992.

We are still adding on a list of first sons who succeeded their fathers in what is called a constitutional mutilation in times after the death of their fathers who were once Africa’s strong men.


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