Dr. Acheng should resign- Gen Tumukunde

Dr Jane Ruth Acheng was seen interacting with residents without putting on masks

By Joan Tendo

One of the 2021 presidential aspirants, Lt Gen Henry Tumukunde has advised the Health Minister, Dr. Jane Ruth Acheng to immediately step down, if she is to keep her reputation and credibility among Ugandans.

Tumukunde said that Dr. Acheng should resign for disregarding her own COVID-19 lockdown Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) that she recommended and preached to Ugandans on TVs and radio stations.

“Uganda is on lockdown because of Dr Ruth Acheng’s recommendations but if one of Uganda’s Ministers was seen disregarding her own guidelines, how can she then expect other Ugandans to respect and observe them?” he asked in a social media post

The Lt General’s concern comes in a period when a section of Ugandans condemned Dr Acheng’s act where she was seen interacting with the public of gathering in Lira district without putting on the masks or observing the social distancing.

On Saturday this week, pictures leaked on social media, showing Dr Acheng openly interacting with the public without either her of the gathering putting on masks, without even observing the social distance.

Although she came out to clarify that she was teaching them how to use the masks, a section of Ugandans especially politicians condemned the act.

“Recently, I was arrested for interacting with a few members of FDC in my Constituency, but today the Minister was seen being surrounded by a group of residents without Masks and observing social distancing. It seems COVID-19 is only in opposition politicians,” Ibrahim Ssemuju Nganda the Kiira Municipality MP said


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