Mityana Municipality Mayor condemns Security brutality on LC5 Chairman

Local Defense Unit officers

By Joan Tendo

Esther Ndyanabo the Mayor of Mityana Municipality has condemned that security officials acts where a section of security personals where allegedly attached to the Local Defense Unit [LDU] brutalized the district Boss.

Mr. Joseph Luzige, the Mityana District LC5 was allegedly beaten up by the member of the LDU when he tried to save woman who was being brutalized.

“The security officers had guns and were very drunkard.” Mr. Luzige told the Mityana based radio SUN FM on Tuesday evening.

He explained that on his way to the hospital, he found the officers beating the woman and when he tried to inquire, they turned against him and brutally beat him.

In a statement that she released on the same day, Ndyanabo said that this kind of impunity must stop and the culprits brought to book.

“Torture has always been inflicted on our people. If they can brutalize our own Chainman in our own district not Masaka or Kasese, but here???” she asked adding:

“Enough is enough, this stupidity must stop. This is too much. I hereby petition the RDC who is the chairman of our district security committee to call for a meeting tomorrow,”

According to residents, Mityana District is one of the District in Uganda which have the highest number of undisciplined security officers.

“They beat people with electric wires,” one resident said.


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