Pastor Bujingo’s church to be closed-Ethics Minister Lokodo, issues closure order


By: Timothy Sibasi-Contributor

The Minister of Ethics and Integrity Fr. Simon Lokodo has instructed the concerned institution of government with the mandate to keep law and order to close the Church of motor mouthed Pastor Aloysius Bujingo after the embattled pastor a week ago verbally stripped his wife necked at the pulpit accusing her of having suffered from a hemorrhagic fistula for a period of 10 years.

“He has already proved to be unworthy a pastor, his robes are no longer saintly, and there even the Church should be closed” Said ethics minister Fr. Simon Lokodo Should the concerned authorities fail to implement the express ministerial order, Minister Lokodo said that he will buy time to have him arrested on his own verbal account.

“Absolutely what am doing is only to give maturity to time so that I can get him with his only words and eventually he will regret because the verdict will be bigger than what he expects.” Says minister Lokodo

Pastor Bujingo who runs House of Prayer Ministries Church situated in Kikoni a fortnight ago hit back at Ethics Minister Simon Lokodo that he has no moral authority to comment about his family affairs since, the Minister in question is a reverend father who’s not entitled to marry or have children, however, in a heated response Minister Lokodo sounded a strong warning to Pastor Bujingo among options on table sighted an embarrassing inclusion of throwing him out of Church.

“Am an appointed minister, I have grown in the Church and I have all the moral audacity to reprimand, to counsel, eventually even going to the extent of throwing one out of the service because I have that authority. Am in the capacity of minister of Ethic and Integrity whose role and mission is to empower Ugandans to uphold morals authorities and principals even when as minister of ethics I have the

Authority to apprehend my brother.” Minister Lokodo speaking tough In closed to confessions of pastors with Minister Lokodo, revealed that majority of them have disowned him and disassociated themselves with him, which is now a time bomb for the established House of Prayer Ministries Church irrespective of the apologies made by Pastor Bujingo mid last week at the height of women activists demonstrations in the capital Kampala against Bujingo’s character behaviors.

“On the contrary every sign is there to show am performing efficiently and well. I have received several complaints from fellow pastors who are denouncing association with pastor Bujingo because he has completely demonstrated anon pastorally attitude and character of all things he made a mistake to divorce after 29 years. As if that is not enough he goes to the pulpit and undresses his wife in public. Its not Christian, it’s not pastorally and not at all near the message of Christ. So we’re saying such a person must be stripped of his robes. Pastor Bujingo is not a pastor his only a pastor in clown but not a pastor in heart and call because he was Holly, he would not have gone to that extent. If he has come to apologize

now but we say he wouldn’t have done that when he is in his sound mind and we’re say shameful now to those who have been adherent to his Church should see that Church as a place to go for any spiritual nourishment because instead of getting

Nourished actually are being none nourished.” Says Fr. Lokodo.

The considerations are there because he has already proved to be unworthy a pastor, his robes are no longer saintly there even the Church should be closed.


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